For the staggering everyone returned earlier yesterday return peak miss (video) remonstrate

For the staggering everyone returned earlier yesterday return peak miss (video) remonstrate

For the staggering everyone returned earlier yesterday return peak miss until 7 last night, the second wave of holiday return peak did not appear beyond all expectations. Traffic Management Bureau of Hubei Province announced that the traffic peak return peak in 6 days, 1 days earlier than previous years. Yesterday morning, the province of High-speed first reported "status" is a blessing silver high-speed Shiyan section, a semi-trailer collided with Shiyan West to East Shiyan toll station between chenhuang ditch at the entrance of the tunnel wall, the body on fire, causing traffic jams, Xi’an to Wuhan direction of the vehicle is an emergency diversion bypass. After the high police media group, high police officer micro, real-time upload broadcast almost all good news: Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed section of Xiaogan normal passage; Ma Yu Expressway with the whole section of the normal passage…… Even every holiday will jam the Han Yi high-speed Xiantao, yesterday afternoon there will be smooth pavement, predict the small peak did not appear. The province is not only high-speed shouting squeeze less, on the contrary, some sections of the road to eat enough". Yesterday morning, the Provincial Police Corps Jingshan brigade upload real-time road image display, with the high speed of the middle section of the vehicle is rare, two wide high-speed Jingzhou section of the traffic is not large. Wuhan city is basically "quiet". Including the "first blocking tyrants Liu shop interchange to the third ring line, yesterday appeared slow traffic. In the evening the Wuhan river road traffic police to upload real-time monitoring screen display, Sanjintan interchange, Huangpu Avenue intersection, the development of "blocking" traffic is not normal traffic. Wuchang, Zhongshan Road city traffic is a little larger than usual, Wuchang traffic police said that this is a normal phenomenon. Is not the number of people who drive less? And be not so! Bulletin of the Provincial Traffic Management Bureau, to 4 pm yesterday, "eleven" during the long highway in the province a total of vehicles 8 million 68 thousand and 100 vehicles, of which seven of the small passenger car toll free 6 million 895 thousand and 300 vehicles, an increase of 21.83% and 21.36% respectively. Return peak in advance, the traffic control department said, is the effect of traffic peak travel guide, but also people travel more rational performance. (reporter Zhou Shoujiang) national highway passenger return ahead of the start not to stop retrograde相关的主题文章:

Exposure Sichuan men’s basketball contract signing Smith salary up to $2 million tataufo

The Sichuan men’s basketball team signed Smith exposure what salary up to $2 million Josh Smith is signed for Sichuan in recent days outside of most concern in the Sichuan PISEN team to replace the foreign aid issue, will soon have the final results, the Chengdu Daily reporter yesterday learned from the club, the team has basically ruled out the introduction of Diogo and Charles may. With the famous NBA star, with "eagle king" said Josh Smith has entered the final stages of signing, the two sides have agreed yesterday in terms of salary, the contract has been sent to the Josh Smith broker, but due to the time difference, as of press time reporter, also did not sign Josh Smith. According to PISEN executives said the Sichuan men’s basketball team, after Harris injured, Sichuan PISEN emergency made contact with Diogo, Charles and Josh Smith, Charles due to play the single, does not comply with the Sichuan team "three (No. 3) and four (No. 4)", the first to be excluded. Once the team with Dior ancient consensus, but the latter is temporary, the Sichuan team immediately decided to introduce more, play more rich, but the price is much higher in the Josh Smith. Yesterday morning, the two sides have reached a basic agreement on the contents of the contract, the Sichuan team will then be sent to the contract agent Josh Smith, but because the United States of Atlanta and we have 13 hours time difference, as of press time last night, Josh Smith a signed document has not been sent to the Sichuan team, the Sichuan men’s basketball team at PISEN in a tense. According to the Chengdu Daily reporter learned that Josh Smith’s salary in 1 million 600 thousand to $2 million, far higher than the other two candidates, with him and Harris (guaranteed contract) salary, this season, PISEN Sichuan men’s basketball team in the foreign aid on remuneration expenditure will exceed $5 million. Chengdu Business Daily reporter He Pengnan相关的主题文章:

The man of a thousand slingshot market valuation of nearly one million yuan

The man of a thousand slingshot market valuation of nearly one million yuan in October 29, 2016, the Zhengzhou city athletics slingshot association formally in a yard high tech Zone stone village in the city of Zhengzhou, President Du Xinzhu of 40 years old (called "pillars") in making the dragon bone in a slingshot professional machine tool. In the house a few glass cupboard, filled with all sorts of strange things of the slingshot, both ebony "dragon and tiger double tyrants, there are other bow made of solid steel, one of the most precious is the two jade and jade inlaid with a bow. Rough statistics, collection and 1000 pillars slingshot market valuation of nearly one million yuan. Figure Chinese vision October 29, 2016, Zhengzhou city athletics slingshot association formally in a yard high tech Zone of Zhengzhou city in the village of stone. In the house a few glass cupboard, filled with all sorts of strange things of the slingshot, 40 year old Du Xinzhu is the president of the association. The visual Chinese Du Xinzhu collection of various all sorts of strange things slingshot, both ebony "dragon and tiger double tyrants, there are other bow made of solid steel, one of the most precious is the use of Hetian jade inlaid slingshot. Du Xinzhu took out some kiln Amoy to the projectile. These projectiles have a long history and have a collection value. Du Xinzhu in the processing of a branch. Soon, you will create a slingshot.相关的主题文章:

Was the man with a knife cut to live at home to do the wedding after the woman

Was the man with a knife cut to live more than one thing that’s home to do the wedding, in between lovers, a man in order to return to his girlfriend broke up the dowry money, even under the ruthless hand. Xiao Tang and Feng after dating in the home to determine the relationship, and later in 2016, when the home is in accordance with the custom held the wedding. Do the wedding, however, did not go to the marriage registration office for marriage registration. But Xiao Tang refused to live together with Feng, Feng will never let her stay at home. In pingmou view, although no registration, can already do a wedding, Xiao Tang is his wife, why would reject cohabitation? Originally, Tang first before they found the man temper is irritable, probably after the violence, so refuse in Suzhou with pingmou cohabitation. This can annoy pingmou, the two sides repeatedly quarrel, and even made a break up. Pingmou parents to coordinate the matter, specially came to Suzhou, Xiao Tang also refuses, let her husband in the house, waiting for an evening. Eat cold-shoulder treatment, pingmou consciously lost face, want to teach the little tang. The incident that day, pingmou would carry a fruit knife, to come to the small Tang began to know the opinions of men, pingmou with conflict can hardly be avoided, Lazha, cheat the woman opened the door. Xiao Tang broke up, pingmou demanded the return of one hundred thousand pieces of cailiqian, was rejected after huff, pingmou took out a prepared fruit knife, cut off toward the small tang. Cause Xiao Tang’s head, upper neck, right hand and right wrist injury. After forensic identification, the victim Tang has constituted two minor injuries. Considering Feng a plot, recently, the court in the verdict, on pingmou was a lighter sentence. Defendant pingmou, guilty of intentional assault and sentenced to nine months imprisonment. However, after the engagement broke up, the money should retreat? According to the judge, according to the custom of engagement payment of dowry, dowry, according to the law, the two sides did not enter into a marriage case, the defendant shall return the.相关的主题文章:

District 4 property owners have to leave the autonomy of the district to allow a change of the kind rainlendar

District 4 property owners have to leave the autonomy of the owners to let the community changed the kind of security master Mao is looking at the area of vehicle registration in the case of 5. Reporter Yao Chuanlong photo reporter Yao Chuanlong in the past two days, Huangpi District, Hengdian street, Zhongxing Road South gold Heyuan District Business Committee members are discussing residential property fee changes. Now residential property fee is 0.65 yuan per square meter, after the completion of the transformation of residential infrastructure, we may reduce the cost of residential property." This idea, the general increase in the cost of property today, particularly interesting. The district has 4 term property, but because the quality of service and the owners expected far, many property owners refused to pay the fee, the property can not receive fees, service quality is low, and finally into a vicious spiral, difficult to continue." Now the gold Heyuan autonomous management in 5 member of the industry committee, the gradual improvement of the infrastructure, steady improvement in the quality of services, property fee collection rate reached about 87.5%. Four property did not manage a small area, I did not pay property charges." Yesterday afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter went to the District, to see the king. At the age of 64, she is the Second District Business Committee members, changes witnessed 4 residential property as: "in 2007, I as the first batch of residents in South Heyuan gold." 3 buildings in South Heyuan district a total of 11 gold, a unit, a total of 151 households, the actual occupancy of about 120 households. Wang Taoxiang said, small size, property fees and closes not neat, can not afford the property staff, and the salary is not high, the cleaning staff Gubuguolai small filthy problems. Service did not keep up, the owners do not pay the way to express dissatisfaction with the cost of property, a vicious cycle. According to Wang Taoxiang memories, when the owners paid only a few owners of property costs. Come and go, the district for the 4 property. The owner autonomous district changed according to the "Regulations" property management in Wuhan city eighty-first, the old residential renovation completed, neighborhood offices, township (town) people’s government, community residents committee shall be in the District Housing authorities under the guidance of the organization owners to set up owners, the owners decided to move the realty service enterprise or other managers of property management, property management also by the owners themselves. Wang Taoxiang, who will sprout their own management of the idea. In July this year, residential owners, the election of the second session of the Commission, put forward two options, one is to ask the property company, property costs 1.2 yuan per square meter, the other is the industry itself, 0.65 yuan per square meter. After residents voted, the implementation of the property of the district autonomy. "We recruited two security personnel and two cleaning staff from the community residents." Security personnel is the same as the 67 year old Mao Youxiong and Chen Jianguo, they a day a night cleaning staff, Li Xiuxiu, Xiong Donglan is responsible for community health. In addition, the industry commission to purchase the value of 30 thousand yuan to buy the way of the 16 monitoring probes, the installation of access control and road gates, enhance security forces, draw a parking space. "I lived in a village, cleaners done very carefully, even the staircase handrails have to clean the corridor every day, drag, is also responsible for security." Living in the District 1 Wang Diedie said, now the community environment"相关的主题文章:

Since the implementation of the new deal in October 1st Shenzhen people’s driving license can be pai sorpack

The new deal introduced in October 1st Shenzhen public license can be the first post paid in September 18th, the Ministry of transport, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued the "motor vehicle driver training learning before payment, timing and charging mode service contract (model text)" (hereinafter referred to as the "contract"), which clearly stipulates people can "learn first to learn to drive after payment, time charges". The contract will take effect in October 1st, the national driving training institutions. Reporters noted that the contract clearly stipulates that the training institutions must provide a list of training content and hours. Its contents include driving simulation, foundation and driving, and so on. People need to learn to drive a one-time payment of "road traffic safety laws and regulations and related knowledge" and "safe and civilized driving knowledge" theory of knowledge training fees and textbooks, establish archives material fees, at the completion of each driving skills training, to learn the price of appointments to pay training fees. At the same time, the contract stipulates that in the process of driving skills training, students can take the initiative to make an appointment training sessions, independent selection of coaches. At the same time, in the training process, if found driving school training institutions to provide training car without qualified coaches and managers to reduce the training programs and training hours, forged or falsified data, to learn to drive people for accepting bribes or seek other benefits and other issues, have the right to request training institutions to be corrected, and can refuse to pay the corresponding period of training costs. On the other hand, driving school training institutions found not approved in the licensing department of transportation management training ground or not in the designated traffic administrative department of the public security organ the route and time to provide training services, training institutions have the right to request to be corrected, and can refuse to pay the corresponding period training costs. Shenzhen evening news reporter Liu Feifei editor Wu Xiaochen相关的主题文章:

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